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(Unfortunately because this is a new UK course the certification is not linked to any other type of educational accreditation although I welcome any educational institutions that would like to link this with their own accreditation .  This does not mean that the certificate is not valid, the final product and course work will stand up for itself, independent UK individuals linked to the doll making world will be invited to examine and adjudicate the final submissions).

1 year course – provisionally starting in January 2014 (depending on numbers)

1 day a week 10 – 5pm (Friday)  

1st Term:  Anatomy, Design and Sculpting of the Doll

2nd Term:  Mould Making and Casting

3rd Term:  Paint, Assembly, Costume Design and Completion 

I have designed this course to establish a 'centre of exellence' for UK Doll Artists new and old. 

Doll making in the UK is not what it used to be, during the 1980’s it was very popular and there were many schools around the Country teaching the craft, slowly the craft as it was has diminished and people no longer want to make the type of dolls that were being made back then.

Move forward to now, new dolls are on the scene (well, I use the term ‘new’ loosely), by new I mean ‘Re-borning and Ball Jointed Dolls’ both have been around for some time (especially BJD’s) and the aim of this course is to equip students with the knowledge to be able to create from concept a complete ball jointed doll, uniting and encouraging future UK Ball Jointed Doll Artists.

Enrolling on this course gives the student automatic membership into the UKDAC. Other artists wishing to become members must reside in the UK at the time of membership and will be required to submit examples of their work, UKDAC is open to UK members only. More details to follow on this website relating to membership and rules of UKDAC.  

For prices and further details contact Donna Wright on the Enquiries & Links page and quote UKDAC, thank you.