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My Ball Jointed Doll kits.

These are all porcelain doll kits, with instructions for you to complete one of my Ball Jointed Dolls.  
I am currently resarching the best paints to use with these dolls so that you can create your own limited edition masterpiece, I will be casting very limited numbers of my dolls for kit use.

Please contact me via the 'Enquiries & Links' page if you are interested.

Ball Jointed Doll Sculptor/Artist Group/UKDAC - is now here!

After a few correspondence with a fellow BJD enthusiast, I noticed a need for a group to establish themselves, a centre of exellence.  Where we can get together to promote our skills and create our own UK modern doll legacy.

I have now created 'UKDAC' United Kingdom Doll Artists Centre, please go to the
U K D A C page.


Doll Cottage Doll Club
- join me once a month to learn about dolls, doll artists and all there is to know about dolls.  Take part in competitions, make special edition dolls and visit places of interest relating to dolls. Why not show your own creative skills that can be used in doll making and if you have any show and tell your own special doll.  I make no excuses, may the passion I have for dolls become a passion for you. 

Contact me via the 'Enquiries & Links' page for more information.

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