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2012 - 2013

This page is now a blog, so please scroll down to view and post (suitable) comments.

May 2013

Doll Cottage Studio has been operating for approximately a year now and it has been a good year.

I have had several students start, all with varying abilities and interests but all with two things in common the love of dolls and an abundance of enthusiasm.

One thing I have noticed is the overwhelming interest in Ball Jointed Dolls.  Which is why I have decided to specialise in teaching the art of creating Ball Jointed Dolls, do not think however that this means I will not teach any other form of doll making, it does not, because to be able to achieve a good standard of Ball Jointed Doll it really does help to work through the other processes of doll making.

Two of my students are currently working towards creating their own ball jointed dolls, one of them is at the stage of creating her own moulds to be able to reproduce her original sculpts in porcelain.  The other student is working through making some of the dolls I have available in the studio, and whilst doing this is also working at home sculpting her own doll.  The good thing about doll making is there is so much you can do in your own home, you dont just have to come into the studio but I must say it is so refreshing to have like minded people in the studio with me and we can talk about the wonderful dolls we have found and seen and what interests us.

Another student started on the beginners course this month with the intention of creating their own dolls, I enjoy so much the process of watching the students progress and develop their skills and hopefully one day become the 'Doll Artists' of the future.

I have been developing my own style of ball jointed dolls if you look at My Ball Jointed Dolls page you will see up-to-date pictures of my latest progressions, I have 3 dolls on the go at the moment and this past week (13/5/2013) I have completed final changes to the moulds of two of my dolls, the third doll is in the process of being sculpted. 

Please keep watching and post any comments.